amazeballz pool lite


This is the lite version of amazeballz pool; a teaser if you like. We're hoping for you, the community, to help influence development of this game. We're still in the early stages but if you have any ideas, feedback, suggestions or bugs, please use the let us know!


  • To Play - click the 'play' button (bottom left) to have a game yourself
  • To Aim - click and hold the left button outside of the cue
  • To Raise/Lower Cue - click and hold both left and right buttons anywhere
  • To Take a Shot - click and hold the left button on the cue to grab and begin feathering
  • Menu - click and hold the left button on the 'a' (bottom right)


  • Pick up and play 3D Pool - intuitive, fast and fluid
  • Real cue interaction - feels like playing pool for real
  • Play with a friend locally, or an AI opponent on your own
  • US 8-Ball and Crazy-Pool
  • Edit mode - position the balls exactly where you want
  • Shot replay system with slow motion and reverse play